Exclusive Interview with Amna Syed

Amna Syed designs ethos is based on the philosophy of reconstructing vintage art forms to create eternally relevant pieces steeped in culture and heritage. Amna founded her signature label back in 2007 after graduating in fashion field from Kinnaird College for women. Later on, she did fashion courses from Gulberg National College & also did diploma in cuts and drapes from London school of fashion designing on line. Within this short span of time, she became renowned for her artistic intuition.


Amna syed has proven her sensibilities for vintage eastern glamour creations. Her signature style is just flawless whether it is bridal collections, pret wear, semi-formal, formal outfits or evening wears.


She has also showcased her outfits on many ramps in the country and were highly appreciated by the audiences.


See what she said about her fashion journey.

1. How did your journey as a designer start?
Well my journey commenced some more than a decade back. It was the period when designer wear was peeping into female minds only. Men were totally aloof from this synthesis.
Only big names such as Miras, Imbias, and HSY with a few more were on tips. I was educated in the fashion field after my graduation from Kinnaird College for women. I did my courses from Gulberg National College in Fashion sciences from Lahore. I did my online diploma in cuts and drapes from London school of Fashion designing.
Being a graduate in psychology helped me a lot to read the female mind sets. There I started using my skills since sitting idle was not my cup of tea!


2. If you were not a designer, you were?
If not a designer aaaaah! I would have been a psychologist, a marriage councellor or may be hit short heighted model like Amna Haq or Babra!

3. Who motivated and inspired you to become a designer?
My confidence in destiny, positive approach and applauds given by my friends and family motivated me I guess. Here I can’t miss to state my husband Syed Ahmad who always quoted “you are wasting your talent”. My daughter / son can’t be ignored specially But my daughter always paved room for me to work & compromised very sensibly to accommodate, without her I was incomplete. But my daughter’s decisions are the one I count on in this field. Her sharp and critique eye and presence in rush times makes it happen actually that was why I named by brand Amna Syed by نور as I see a future for my brand in her 💕.

4. What is your designing philosophy?
My designing philosophy is proportion. Less is more!

5. Are you a feminist? And does your design solely focus on woman as an individual?
No not at all. Am not a feminist! A man woman composition completes the beauty and flavor in life. This composed creation of opposite genders is the real vanity!

6. Do you think Pakistani fashion industry is on the right track and what is its future?
Pakistani industry is on the absolute right track. We definitely need more consultants accompanied by professionals to roll it to the height.


7. Have you ever felt jealous of your competitors in profession?
Not jealous ever yet. In fact every good designer creation with rich content gives me positive energy and opportunity to learn better.


8. What role you think is fashion playing in improving the image and circumstances of Pakistan?
Our fashion industry is promoting the positive image of Pakistan. Besides bringing in foreign currency and balancing economy, it will glitter the advanced approach towards this part of Asia.

9. Any message that you want to give to our youth?
Oh yes! Young lot never compromise on your positive dreams. Seeking expensive overseas education is impossible for everyone. Seek a talent, it never fails. Patience is the key to talent mechanism.


Amna’s couture and pret are exclusively custom made and available by appointment only. To ensure booking please place your order well because pieces are delicately crafted and it may require some time depending on the order size and style. Orders can be shipped internationally as well.



And there we go with the lady behind all the beautiful designs. Yes! Amna Syed




For Appointment:

Call/Whatsapp: 03030016648/ 03008446920




Iznik set to launch “Chinon Vol II”collection on 27th February!

Iznik brings you its latest collection, Chinon Vol II, which is set to launch on 27th February, 2017. This collection consists of 10 embroidered luxury chiffon unstitched pieces which are truly fit for the Queens. Every ensemble combines elegance and splendor in a celebration of colors.

1Y3A4881 copy.jpg

These affluent looks and luxurious clothes are a must have in the season of festivity when all you want to do is look your best and a class apart.

1Y3A4773 copy.jpg

Iznik is a name that is synonymous with regal clothes that exude extravagance and magnificence. This season too, Iznik has crafted clothes that will give you a timeless appeal in the most stylish manner.

1Y3A4725 copy.jpg

Each outfit is three piece and requires the least preparation, priced at Rs. 6,650/-

This is your chance to select, wear and be the centre of attention for a classic hear-to-toe look.

1Y3A4408 copy.jpg

1Y3A4134 copy.jpg

So grab your dresses from our collection featuring brilliance for giving your wardrobe a dose of glamour in this season.

Exclusive Interview of Saimaa Azhar with Junaidsays

Saimaa Azhar is one of the top listed models of Pakistan, who has entered in fashion industry few years ago. She is very cute and innocent, always passionate about her dreams. Saimaa Azhar did number of shoots for famous brands and walked the ramps like BCW and FPW. She was on the cover for many famous magazines.


After making her great name in fashion industry, Saimaa also stepped into the drama industry of Pakistan. Her serial Meray Khwab Lauta Do, opposite multi-talented Aijazz Aslam was her first experience and people loved her a lot on the screen.

Saimaa Azhar is also having a guest appearance in Sahir Lodhi’s upcoming film RAASTA, which is expected to release in next month probably. We are anxiously waiting for its release.

In 2011, Saimaa Azhar was given the title of Miss Photogenic. And in 2013, she had won the Lux Style Awards for the Best Emerging Talent and also got the Most Promising Model of the Year title at the veet contest in the same year. She was also nominated as the Best Model of the Year at Pakistan Media Awards in 2013 but lost to Ayyan Ali.


Saimaa Azhar portray herself in a very beautiful way in fashion industry and in a very short span of time, she earned a lot of fame and respect.

Junaid has an amazing opportunity to interview this multi-talented super model Saimaa for his readers.


  • Who is Saimaa Azhar in real?
    Saimaa Azhar is very realistic and hardworking actress.
  • How did you stepped into modeling?
    I stepped into modeling in 2011 and earned a title of Miss Photogenic.


  • How did you find fashion industry at first?
    Fashion industry is always been now very attractive, very live and very nice. I loved to work in this industry. And I think this industry is meant for me… Laugh
  • How was your experience working with multi-talented Aijazz Aslam?
    Aijazz Aslam was very supportive throughout the drama serial “Mere Khawab Lauta Do” and he taught me acting actually. I am highly obliged that he gave me the main role in that serial. He is the one who gave me break in drama industry. I really enjoyed doing it
  • What do you enjoy more? Acting or modeling, which one is more fun?
    I think modeling makes you more fresh, more catchy. and on the other hand, you can express yourself through acting. On some certain level, modeling gets still but acting is the criterion where you can groom yourself more and more. It keeps on reinventing. I think acting is much better than modeling for a long term.


  • What it was like walking on the ramp for the first time. Do you remember your first walk?
    Of course, I remembered my first walk. How can I forget that? My first walk was when I got the title of Veet Miss Photogenic. I weared Rizwanullah’s outfit for the very first time. It was my first moment for sure. I still remember…. LAUGH…. that I fell down and then keep on walking. I will always remember that.


  • How was your experience as a lead actress for RAASTA?
    It came out in news everywhere that I am the lead actress in RAASTA but it’s not like that. I have an actually a guest appearance in that movie and people will watch me for the very first time in cinemas. And experience was wonderful as cinema is something huge. I really loved it.
  • Tell the readers of junaidsays about you which they probably don’t know.
    I think am very crazy, am very spontaneous and very unpredictable as I can do anything, anytime and anywhere.
  • Any message for the young girls who wants to step into modeling.
    I just want to suggest all those girls who wants to step into modeling that if you are confident, can handle any garment and can pose actually then come towards modeling otherwise I think its not your place.


  • Any message for the readers of junaidsays.

For all the readers of junaidsays, I love yoouuuu and keep loving mee J
Rapid Fire:


  • Your favorite color
    I love black color. Yeah Black is me. Black is above all
  • The song that stuck in your mind now days
    “How deep is your love” is the song stuck in my mind now days.
  • Night owl or morning person
    I am a night owl, absolutely night owl.
  • Coffee or tea
    I love tea
  • Your favorite movie
    Perfume is the movie I really love
  • Your favorite model
    Natalia Vodianova is my favorite model. She is my inspiration. She is beautiful and gorgeous.
  • Your inspiration
    Inspiration throughout my life is my father. Whoever I am today is just because of him.
  • Your craziest fan story
    yeah there is a fan whose name is Alizey. She keeps on messaging me saying that “you are beautiful, I love you, don’t stop modeling, and keep on modeling”. Every time she just keeps me alive. She is very nice. I love her.


Thank you so much Junaid. I love answering all your questions.


So guys, it was all about Saimaa Azhar. Hope you guys liked her interview. And let me tell you, she is really very beautiful. I can’t stop staring at her…. Blush

Fashion Unchained 4 at PC Peshawar

The recent show which I have attended held at PC Peshawar, which turned out to be a huge event in its own. Media sniffers once again set the stage on fire and arranged a very well fashion show named as the Fashion Unchained 4. I had also attended their previous show in Peshawar but this time the response I came to see from the audience was overwhelmed. People from all walks of life attended the show.

See who the designers were and how they showcased their dresses.

Fareeha’s Collection:

Models were looking beautiful wearing Fareeha. But there were few outfits which were old fashioned or we can say that having unsuitable work over them. Few of them were simple and amazing. But not all……



Super Model Mahaa Kanwal Khan and Cybil Chaudry were looking flawless as always. They both know how to carry the outfits and make it presentable. I am a huge fan of them because of the same reason.





Mayr’s Collection:

This collection was also not up to the mark. Just because of not fulfilling the latest demand of the fashion. Few outfits that were showcased on the ramp were marvelous but not all of them.



Here it comes to the showstoppers Mahaa Kanwal Khan and Cybil Chaudry. Both the beauties were looking marvelous. But when it comes to the outfits, those were the best among the Mayr’s Collection at Fashion Unchained 4.


Desire Couture by Mansoor Rajput:

Mansoor Rajput is young fashion designer who loves to play with the pastor colors. And to be honest his collection was the most amazing collection there at Fashion Unchained 4.

His collection comprises of both male and female outfits. And all of them were flawless in all aspects.

Some of the glimpses are as follow.







I am in love with the details of Desire Couture by Mansoor Rajput that super model Mahaa Kanwal showcased.




Mian Muhammad Abbas’s Collection:

His mostly collection was in black. And I was totally in love with his collection. He really deserves appreciation for his creativity.

abbas 1.jpg

Shazia Kiani’s Collection:

Shazia kiani always gives us shock with her collection. Her collection was superb and marvelous. I was totally in love with the details of the outfits. No doubt she is the best designer of Pakistan.









Choreography and Coordination was done by Harry Majid of Harry Events and PR.



Suleman Latif is new and very talented Fashion coordinator in Pakistan’s Fashion Industry.



Production partner of Media Sniffers for Fashion Unchained 4 were Abbi Photography. And he is one of the finest photographers of the industry. I really admire his efforts for his work.


I Found JAPAN In Lahore….!

Being a food lover and an explorer, i was blessed to taste and try European, Asian and African cuisines during my travels around the world; but Pakistani chefs have always sublimed my taste buds.


Being a typical Pakistani my longing for native Pakistani restaurants and their fusion international food has always inspired me, being away from my country for over two decades now.

In my days in Pakistan i.e in 80 ‘s and 90’s, Chinese restaurants were our only deviation from a routine house meal, but now in my recent travels to Pakistan I was astonished to see a number of international cuisine restaurants making their way into weekend luxury meals of almost every household.


It was a foggy evening in Lahore, the city of fascinations, when one of my friends mentioned the the new culinary wave, a Japanese Restaurant – Asian Aroma, Park Lane Hotel famous for its gourmet dining — something you can only authentically eat in that one place. The friendly manager led us through the hall with a flexible layout for both bar and traditional table settings. The neutral color was complimenting the fine dining experience and yet soothing to the eye and sophisticated enough for the cuisine in hand. I lowered my eyes on menu pages, which were thick with a variety of Japanese, and English names and that seemed only to get more densely crosshatched as time went on, and for good reason as all were mouthwatering to choose from.


The dozen or so meals I could recognize from my previous experiences in Japanese restaurants had been a marvel of consistent variation, ringing fluid changes of texture and flavor on those three little words that define the cuisine of this island nation at its heart: ISO no aji, or “tastes like ocean spray.”

To my dismay I could not choose after going through the menu at least three times. I guess Chef Abdullah from across the bar tables could see the frustration and came to our rescue. He not only recommend some of the hot favorites but also the explained about the ingredients and origins of the dishes.

We were happy to finally place our order and were left to enjoy the chitchat in peace. But that was not for long, quite soon, in fact precisely after twenty minutes the aromatic and beautifully presented dishes were laid out before us by a humble gentleman Shehzad.


A wide variety of vegetarian and non veg foods were served in small portions, using one of five standard cooking techniques as mentioned by Chef Abdullah. All foods were divided into five color groups (green, red, yellow, white, and black-purple) and six tastes (bitter, sour, sweet, hot, salty, and delicate). Two uniquely Japanese foods are sushi (fresh raw seafood with rice) and sashimi (fresh raw seafood with soy sauce); both rely on freshly caught fish or seafood and Asian Aroma ensures that. Dishes prepared in a single pot (nabemeno ) was the real fascination. Sukiyaki the dish made up of paper-thin slices of beef (or sometimes chicken), vegetables, and cubes of tofu cooked in broth was divine. Shabu-shabu the beef and vegetables, also cooked in broth but then dipped in flavorful sauces. A gulp of green tea followed by a mouthful of chopstick picked portion of sea Was a whole new Japanese experience with a delicate flavored taste of ritual and I will bother them again for sure during my next visit to Pakistan.


An honest Review by Najia Syed


Sastaticket.pk Offers Massive Discounts to Travellers on Black Friday

Karachi – November 21, 2016: Sastaticket.pk (Pvt.) Ltd. – a website that empowers the Pakistani traveller with instant bookings and comprehensive choices, is organizing a fantastic sale. The event, touted as the most unique Black Friday ever, offers amazing discounts for travellers looking to book international and domestic tickets and hotels. The discounts will go live on November 25, 2016.

This remarkable opportunity is being provided by Sastaticket.pk to help people break from their mundane routine and plan holidays which they had kept on hold for quite some time. It offers discounts of up to 50% on domestic hotels, 10% on international hotels, whereas people can also avail discounts vouchers of PKR 1,000/-and PKR 5,000/- on domestic and international flights respectively. In addition, a voucher of PKR 2,000/- is also in the offering, which can be availed at the time of booking. This not only makes it affordable for travellers, but also offers a whole lot of convenience.

Sastaticket.pk Black Friday Deals.jpg

While announcing the Black Friday event, Shazil Mehkri, CEO, Sastaticket.pk (Pvt.) Ltd. said: “We aim to deliver top notch service and a wide range of travel products that are at par with global standards. The Black Friday sale is a thrilling moment for travellers to benefit from this unique opportunity.”

Sastaticket.pk is an online portal for Pakistani travellers to book air tickets, domestic & international hotels, and tour packages.  It delivers an international standard online booking platform supported by the best customer service experience. To avail this remarkable offer, customers can book flight and hotels on their website (https://www.sastaticket.pk/).

For more information

Sastaticket.pk Private Limited:

Minahil Dahri: 0311-1100200

Syntax Communications:

Faisal Mushtaq: 0321-2431568


Yayvo.com & JazzCash Team Up For Black Friday

Islamabad – 10th November, 2016: After the success of its ‘Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF)’ in September, Yayvo.com, the nation’s leading online e-commerce portal, has joined hands with JazzCash to bring its customers ‘Yayvo Black Friday 2016’.

Focused on making life simple, easy and convenient for customers, Yayvo has entered into strategic alliances with JazzCash as the official payment partner, where the mobile financial service provider will also be topping up discounts. On the other hand, FM 107 is the official radio partner for the event.

“JazzCash has been at the forefront of the boom in local e-commerce industry with introduction of complimentary mobile financial services throughout the years. By continuously bringing innovation in our digital and mobile financial platform, JazzCash provides online shoppers a secure and convenient shopping experience. It is this payment security, which has played a significant role in making online shopping popular amidst smartphone users,” said Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, VP Digital & Mobile Financial Services – Mobilink. “By partnering with Yavyo.com for the Black Friday Sale, we are looking to provide customers greater convenience and security in payments, while also ensuring our continuous support of the e-commerce industry.”

Already known for fantastic discount offers and sales, on this occasion Yayvo.com is offering its online shoppers discounts of up to 80% on over 1,000 products; exclusive brand launches; cost-effective deals – coupled with immediate nationwide delivery through the TCS logistics network.

Picture a.jpeg

Adam Dawood, Head of Yayvo.com, commenting on the partnership said, “The objective of this partnership is to enable our customers to experience the best of e-commerce with amazing discounts and convenient payment systems brought to them through JazzCash. With this initiative, we plan on taking e-commerce to the next level.”

Expected to be the one of the biggest things to hit the online shopping industry across Pakistan this year, ‘Yayvo Black Friday 2016’ promises to bring amazing benefits to each and every customer who visits the site with amazing deals and never before seen benefits for customers.

Intended shoppers can subscribe for ‘Yayvo Black Friday’ on their official website to get updates on the latest deals.



Maps will change the way people travel by making navigation easier

Karachi ( November 09, 2016) : The two technology giants in their respective domains, Telenor Pakistan, one of the largest Telco operator and TPL Trakker, the largest tracking company in the country, joined hands to further strengthen the digital Maps of Pakistan, TPL MAPS.

Key points of agreement between the companies included:

  • Extend the Maps solution to a wider audience beyond smartphones
  • TPL Maps to become part of the internet.org program for Telenor users,TPL will especially make lite version of TPL Maps to make it accessible to a huge population
  • All Telenor customer Sales &Service Centers and Easy Paisa outlets will be added in TPL Maps with Telenor branding
  • Both companies agreed for cross promotion,Telenor will promote TPL Maps on digital channelsand TPL maps will incorporate in-app promotion of Telenor products and services

Further details on the projects outlined in the MoU shall be shared as and when the projects will materialize and consumer offering is ready.

Sharing his thoughts on this development, Nauman Pervez Qureshi, Head of Digital Products Telenor Pakistan said: “As Pakistan’s leading Digital Services Provider, Telenor Pakistanhas always embraced new ideas and products while innovating with offerings to make consumers’ life digitally convenient. Maps are an integral part of the digital play and we are pleased to embark on this milestone before anyone else in the Maps space. Our plans for a Digital Pakistan are on track and we believe Maps will play an important role in the lifestyle of our customers by making navigation convenient.”

Stating his vision about TPL Maps and the partnership, Ali Jameel, CEO TPL Trakker said: “Our vision is a connected Pakistan and what better way to do this than digital Maps. This second stage of partnership with Telenor brings the scale that we need to reach out to consumers. It’s a technology millstone for Pakistan today that we expand the maps with Street View, offline maps, much higher data points than any other mapping solution available, improved navigation and search that will entice people to use TPL maps. TPL Maps is a game changer for digital services and such partnerships will build the desired ecosystem for Digital Maps in the country”

TPL Maps, launched in August this year help users reach their desired destination by utilizing the smart search option that has over 2.3 million Point of Interests (POIs) to choose from across Pakistan. TPL Maps covers over 100+ areas and cities and 1 million distinct housing addresses spread over a road network of 400,000 km. In addition TPL Maps also includes over 1000 3D structures of important landmarks around various cities, which will further assist users identify and reach their desired location in the shortest time period. The app currently have 100,000+ downloads and increasing at a very high pace.


The app can be downloaded free from the links below:

Telenor Apps: http://apps.telenor.com.pk/#/download/1079

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tpl.tplmaps&hl=en

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/pk/app/tpl-maps/id1107265185?mt=8


For Media Queries:

Syntax Communications

Faisal Mushtaq – 0321 2431568

Khuda Mera Bhi Hai

Pakistani drama industry is flourishing and touching the heights of success. In past, all the dramas were based upon the home based issues of Saas Bahu and the romantic stories which revolve around the college couple and their marriage issues. But now they are focusing on the real life issues which are happening around in the society. After HUM TV’s Udaari which highlight the worst issue of child abuse and rape among the audience, and it was very much appreciated all around.

Now, ARY is coming up with “Khuda Mera Bhi Hai” and this will highlight a social taboo i-e the birth of an intersex children and the issue comes after which. This drama is penned by Asma Nabeel and directed by Shahid Shafat. And it’s second play of Sana Shahnawaz after Mann Mayal. Produced by Six Sigma Plus.


This drama is not only highlighting a social issue but also having a powerful cast which includes Ayesha khan and Jibran Syed as a lead role, Samina Peerzad and Isra Ghazal.

It all begins with Ayesha khan and Jibran Syed gives birth to a transgender baby. And Isra Ghazal yelling on her husband saying that “Hmari bahu ne Hijra paida kia hai” and Jibran Syed compelling Ayesha Khan  that “Aulaad aur ho jay gi, chor do isse”.

The story looks promising and heart touching. And the recent trailer of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai is already touching the chords.

This drama will be soon air on ARY Digital.

Exclusive Interview of Saman Ansari with Junaidsays

I know a pretty and gorgeous lady who is multi-talented. I always wanted to interview her for the readers of junaidsays because I love all of them. Her life is full of inspiration. She has been known by many names – Best English Debater in Pakistan, The Golden Voice of FM 100, Master Makeup Artist, Lead Designer and much more. After having all these things in her life, she is also a wonderful actress who plays mesmerizing and powerful roles.

Yes! She is Saman Ansari. One of the most favorite actresses of junaidsays. Saman Ansari always does powerful roles and her way of expressing to the audience is awesome. She did number of Pakistani dramas and TV soaps. Along with that she also did guest appearance in one of the comedy series airing on HUM TV named as Mr. Shameem. Now a days Saman is playing the role of “Bibi Sahiba” in Dampukht Aatish e Ishq which is aired on A-plus. You guys should watch that drama.


Always creating “Niche” Saman Ansari used her talents to fill voids in market segments. Saman Ansari is also a wonderful makeup artist. As I said, she is a multi-talented lady and these things prove me right.


Junaidsays is lucky to have an interview with the gorgeous and multi-talented Saman Ansari. See what she had said about her life and career.

  • Describe Saman Ansari in your words.
    I am a real woman. No pretense, no dependence. I was created to love, care, respect, learn, teach, excel and each day I do my best to do so. I am youthful, I am grateful, I am blessed, and I am extremely hardworking. And above all I am UNIQUE. I am Saman Ansari.


  • How you came into Showbiz industry?
    In college, I was a debater, a singer, an actor and as the general secretary of the college student’s council was a public speaker. Radio Pakistan approached me to host their morning music show so I went and it was second nature to me. I would do the show from 6-8 every day and then get dropped at college. Then I auditioned for a documentary narration for the education TV channel of PTV. I immediately got offered hosting for their talk shows. But the real ‘showbiz’ experience came when the first FM Radio channel was launched in Pakistan. I was chosen from thousands of candidates to be the first female voice to go on air for the morning show that was broadcast live from 7-11, 6 days a week and with their high-tech broadcast technology I had listeners from the Arabian Sea cost all the way to Siachin! The response to my style of speaking and the content I shared in my show was Alhamdulillah unbelievable. My fan mail used to come in multiple sacks every day from the PO BOX!


  • Whether it was difficult to convince your family when you joined showbiz.
    Not at all. I am the daughter of one of the initial brilliant team of PTV in Pakistan. My father was a director/producer and worked in the industry since 1965. All my parents wanted from me was for me to excel in my studies and for every project I got, whether on Radio or TV to be selected on the basis of pure talent and not whose daughter I was. So when I would go for an audition, I would never mention who my father was. Alhamdulillah my passion to excel and my talent always paved the way for me.


  • You have worked in Pakistani drama industry. What will you say about this industry?
    It’s booming! With so many channels on air now with the constant need for programming to fill their 24 hour transmissions, the need for new talent is like never before. Of course like in any other industry there are those who are exceptional, those who are good and then those who are mediocre 🙂


  • Any actor/actress you want to work with.
    Yes! In female actors, I would love to work alongside Saba Qamar. I think she is finest in her performance in the industry right now. In male actors, I want to work opposite Faisal Qureshi.


  • In addition to acting, you also worked as a radio host and TV anchor. What do you enjoy the most among all?
    All of them! Even now I do live anchoring for media events, red carpets and corporate presentations. I love the real time interaction with people. In radio which I believe is the toughest medium to excel in because all you are reaching out with is your voice. Your vocal quality, tone, pitch, your control on breathing and your content. Acting to me is second nature. I have always been very expressive with my eyes and my gesticulation and body language coupled with my vocal modulation control has Alhamdulillah made my acting career very well appreciated in a span of less than 2 years.


  • You hosted a talk show in Dubai interviewing biggest Bollywood stars. How was your experience?
    Lovely! They were all very professional, approachable and down to earth. They implement the saying that you are made a star by your fans and how the media perceives you. One of them said do you know you talk and look like Madhuri Dixit Didi? That was one of the rare moments in my life where I was speechless!


  • You have so many attributes to your personality, from where you got your talents?
    My Nana Jaan. He is a prodigy, a genius- In his prime master mathematician, a financial expert, an artist, a sculpture, the finest flute player in the sub-continent, a classical music expert, fluent in multiple languages, a poet and a walking encyclopedia of all the major works of poetry by sub-continental poets in Urdu and Farsi! So the gene pool was loaded! My mother has the sweetest voice and gentle style of speaking and she is an incredible painter, textile expert and above all that one of the most highly acclaimed early year’s educator in Pakistan. My father was a star director/producer of his time, brilliant stars like Alamgir, Behorze Sabzwari and Tina Sani all were introduced by my father and to date always mention his name with utmost respect when talking about their careers. So you see the amazing talent coming down the generations. I can only say I am so grateful and so truly blessed.


  • How do you manage your professional commitments and personal life, is it difficult for you?
    Yes it is challenging and that is where my time management skills come into play. I have managed huge projects for my businesses when I was living in the USA and I know how to juggle commitments in limited time without affecting the final product quality. Sleep deprivation was a big issue in the beginning and I have learned how to take ‘catnaps’ between scenes, in the car, in the makeup room etc. I can be found curled up in the tiniest space sound asleep. My pet name on most sets has become sleeping beauty. Of course the moment the Assistant Director arrives with the details of the next scene I am as fresh as a cucumber and ready to roll.


  • You are a mother of handsome son, have motherhood changed you or not?
    Thank you! Aayaan Meekyle is truly my gift from Allah. This handsome young man is the example of pure love! He is such a wonderful soul, and matures beyond his years. May Allah keep him protected, wise and humanitarian always.
    Yes I have changed. For the better. I have learnt to give my all and then in return to be overwhelmed with the sweet words’ Amma, I love you’. I have learnt to respect my parents even more for all the sacrifices they made to ensure I had the best. I have learnt an amazing amount of patience, perseverance and preservation over the past ten years, ever since he came into my life.


  • What will you say about the professionalism in Pakistan?
    It is on its growth curve. There will be loop holes, bottle necks and road bumps. But, it is there and it will get better. That I am positive about!



  • Whether Saman Ansari has a crush on someone, can you name that lucky one?
    Ever since I was 16 I had had a major crush on Tom Cruise. Still do and always will.


  • Pakistani cinema industry has revived itself. Whether we are seeing you in upcoming movies?
    InshAllah when I see a script where my talent as a character actor can be fully used, yes. Nothing is in the works yet.


  • You did number of serials, who is your favorite co-actor?
    I have had a great time working with most of my co-stars. Everyone has a unique set of abilities in their performance that they bring with them. But all in all my most incredible experience has been with Nauman Ejaz! He not only is a mind bogglingly fantastic actor but is also a mentor, a true teacher and helped me unearth even more acting excellence by guiding me and working with me. The result can be seen in the enchanting and mysterious presence of Bibi Sahiba Noor Bano in Dumpukht.


  • And what is your current lineup of projects?
    Right now I am working on a mystery family saga soap, starting a mega cast classy family ethics serial in October and if all goes well InshAllah a power serial in November focused on human rights issues.


  • Any advice to inspire the readers of junaidsays.

You want something in life? Go ahead give it a try… Kiya ho ga? Ziyada say ziyada Kamyaab hojaen gay!!!!



It was my honor to know more about the Saman Ansari. Hope you guys learned a lot of things from her. Even I was one of her big fan and now she is also an inspiration to me.

Thank you so much Saman Ansari for your precious time that you took out for the readers of junaidsays Blog. I am really honored. Wishing you all the very best for your future projects and your life.