Peek Freans Sooper becomes Pakistan’s First National Brand to Break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™

On 70th birth anniversary of Pakistan, Pakistan’s leading food brand Peek Freans sooper came up with the unique idea of making a largest cookie mosaic in the shape of Pakistan’s flag. The brand has grown into a household name for its quality and memorable campaigns.



Peek Freans Sooper has officially broken the Guinness World Records title for the Largest Cookie Mosaic in the shape of Pakistan’s flag made with 150,000+ cookies measuring 226.51 m2  (2,438.15 ft2). Peek Freans Sooper perfectly embodies the spirit of the nation.

Peak Freans sooper wanted to unite the country under one roof with the most amazing and positive message of #SooperHaiPakistan. People have shared their thoughts and positive messages across the world that how Sooper is our Pakistan.


Each and every member did a great work and with full passion in breaking this Guinness world record of making largest cookie mosaic which also includes legendary cricketers Younis Khan and Shoaib Akhter. Even our celebrities from showbiz industry Osman Khalid Butt, Anoushey Ashraf, Hareem Faroq, Ali Rehman and Adnan Siddiqui were also there in the event. They came out to support the efforts of Peek Freans Sooper and were seen cheering for the team and encouraging them throughout the event.  They put each and every Sooper cookie side by side and in a very beautiful way. Hard word pays off and yeah they broke the world record in almost 6.5 hours. Green and white cookies were a special edition in this cookie mosaic.


The best part of this world record was that after the completion of the cookie mosaic, all the biscuits used in the making of Pakistani flag were distributed in custom built containers to notable charities across Pakistan. And all the participants who took part in this world record used hand-sanitizers and were checked as per hygienic rules and regulations.

During this auspicious event, Dr. Zeelaf Munir, EBM Managing Director and CEO said, “We are a nation that is continuously rebuilding, reshaping and pushing forward – no matter what the odds. Our campaign, ‘Sooper Hai Pakistan’ seeks to highlight this national positivity by disseminating content that is the exact opposite of what the popular media continues to cover.”


Speaking on the occasion, Ayesha Janjua, EBM Head of Marketing said, ‘Pakistanis are brimming with raw talent; surpassing the world’s expectations on each and every pivotal moment and the participation of EBM sales and marketing team in this historic event demonstrates the true spirit of every Pakistani.”

As the Guinness World Records team announced the result, the participants were finally rewarded with the confirmation that Pakistan & Peek Freans Sooper had made the history books by bringing home a Guinness World Records title on the day of the country’s 70th Independence day.


Congratulations Peak Freans Sooper Pakistan on making this world record and letting people of Pakistan to share this happiness and joy in a very creative way.


Girl Belonging to a Racial Minority Fights Social Ills through Civic Participation in this Comic Book Series

We know that how Trans community in Pakistan are being discussed at our ends. We only see them for few reasons and that’s a disgusting thing. There are lots of things happening with them and no one actually cares. Yeah! Nobody cares, sadly. But now with the passage of time, people are changing their minds regarding this community.

This comic book aims to talk about the rights if Pakistan’s Trans community and let everyone know about it.

AZ Corp Entertainment is an organization that works on the gender equality and other social issues through a creative content. Recently, they come up with the comic book series that will highlight the issues of transgender community.

The Basila and the street crew is an art book which has been launched and it draws the attention of its readers towards various issues happening in our society. Basila is a young girl from Sindh, who is an active citizen. She has been the victim of social ills by the community.



“Like many comic books, Basila and the Street Crew begins in tragedy. After a vicious attack, our hero is left a vulnerable orphan in a dangerous world. Here, coming to her aid is the transgender community, who raise her with the love and training she needs to survive”, said Noman Ansari, the lead writer of the series.

With various incidents of trans-phobia reported every day in Pakistan, the need to normalize their existence is ever crucial. They highlighted the role of a transgender as a parent, mentor etc. This book definitely gives a positive message to the readers regarding the social ills of the society.

“More than anything, the transgender community of Pakistan wants acceptance”, said Anain Shaikh, the co-creator and illustrator of Basila and the Street Crew. “We’ve aimed to neither glorify nor victimize a transgender person but to rather show them in everyday roles such as a parent, or a mentor”, she added.

According to the team, the aspect at large that Basila and the Street Crew aims to highlight though, is active citizenship and civic participation. Through this series, the idea that any citizen regardless of his/her social status, ethnicity, gender, race, or religion, can volunteer to make a difference. Targeted at teens and young adults, the comic book aims to invoke a sense of responsibility within its readers, so the future of this country can collectively work towards its betterment, with the resources they have.

Make your comments, what are you thinking about this art book ?

Project Peshawar – A Pathway to Modern Cinema in Peshawar

Last Sunday, I was invited for a premier of a telefilm named as Project Peshawar. Well, on a very serious note, I was expecting it to be more like Project Ghazi but in this case my assumptions proved wrong. As it was totally a different one from that, and more than that it was a telefilm.

KPK cinema was only blessed with the movies in Pashto language. And we haven’t seen any such movies in other languages. As, people were saying back that Pakistani cinema is reviving itself, even then we were far away from that revival.

Project Peshawar is a pathway to modern cinema in Peshawar because the way they arranged and organized this premier was amazing and mind blowing. For that, I totally adore the efforts of the team behind this struggle.


Project Peshawar is a short telefilm, directed by Irshu Bangash and written by Junaid Kamran Siddique.

Story of this telefilm is based on a Canadian based Pakistani guy who was in love with a girl from Peshawar, Pakistan and they become intimate to each other on social media.  And the girl named Sana who was pressurizing him to come to Pakistan with the marriage proposal, for which he was asking her for little time. One day, while she was on video call with him and suddenly she got kidnapped from her house and thus, the guy came to Pakistan in search of her. He was struggling hard to find her in any cost but couldn’t. At last, he met with the person and interrogated him about Sana. Unfortunately, he was from a kidnapping gang. They tortured him mentally and physical both just for the ransom’s amount. And after his recovery from the kidnappers, he wrote a book on what happened to him in Peshawar, Pakistan. And Project Peshawar was actually his book’s name.

I wouldn’t be declaring the climax of the film because for that you have to visit the cinemas after its release. One thing which I want to mention here, that this telefilm Project Peshawar is a multilingual including Pashto, Dutch, English and Urdu.

Though, I wasn’t that much impressed from the script because after every 4-5 minutes, guy went into his past dreams. There were some dialogues which shouldn’t be there according to me. But story definitely gave you something to get that there are heavy drawbacks of social media usage. But as their first attempt, I appreciate their efforts. But you can’t call it as a full on entertainment movie.

Performance wise telefilm was good. Everyone performed their part very well. Direction was amazing; plot of the movie according to its theme was also good. And the songs were too good.


Rating out of 5 Stars:

Entertainment  2.0

Script  3.5

Performance  4.5

Music  4.0

Direction  4.0

Total  3.5

Keep #SpreadingSmiles in A Better Way

You must have seen people using this spreading smiles hash tag all over the social media. And honestly, it was an amazing seeing people so excited about their little joy and happiness. Everyone out there was tweeting and posting their moments with #SpreadingSmiles. Social media was all bombarded with this #SpreadingSmiles.

I was totally in love with this campaign of #SpreadingSmiles. And when it comes to know about the people that how they are doing at their end makes me happier. Even I was so excited to share my way of #SpreadingSmiles and so I did. I had tweeted about the way I was #SpreadingSmiles. And that got an amazing response.


When it comes to Pakistani cricket team, and specially the occasion turns out to be Champions trophy 2017 final. Boys in green keep #SpreadingSmiles throughout the match and every Pakistani were damn happy.


There were few videos with this hash tag and I also shared that on my social media. When they were asked for the things which made them smile, we got some crazy answers. One of them said “free ka Wi-Fi” and what I liked the most was one who answered that his son is the source of his smile.


Later on, it revealed that this campaign was run by McDonalds, who are #SpreadingSmiles. This looks quite interesting seeing a brand coming to their customers just for the sake of their smile and happiness. What an amazing answers were there in those videos. I appreciate them for this step.


On a very serious note, this campaign is one of my favorite just because everyone was happy #SpreadingSmiles. And this Ramzan, everyone was #SpreadingSmiles and here are few of the tweets which I am going to share with you.



Do enjoy this blog and keep your love coming. I must say at the ends that please keep #SpreadingSmiles

Exclusive Interview with Amna Syed

Amna Syed designs ethos is based on the philosophy of reconstructing vintage art forms to create eternally relevant pieces steeped in culture and heritage. Amna founded her signature label back in 2007 after graduating in fashion field from Kinnaird College for women. Later on, she did fashion courses from Gulberg National College & also did diploma in cuts and drapes from London school of fashion designing on line. Within this short span of time, she became renowned for her artistic intuition.


Amna syed has proven her sensibilities for vintage eastern glamour creations. Her signature style is just flawless whether it is bridal collections, pret wear, semi-formal, formal outfits or evening wears.


She has also showcased her outfits on many ramps in the country and were highly appreciated by the audiences.


See what she said about her fashion journey.

1. How did your journey as a designer start?
Well my journey commenced some more than a decade back. It was the period when designer wear was peeping into female minds only. Men were totally aloof from this synthesis.
Only big names such as Miras, Imbias, and HSY with a few more were on tips. I was educated in the fashion field after my graduation from Kinnaird College for women. I did my courses from Gulberg National College in Fashion sciences from Lahore. I did my online diploma in cuts and drapes from London school of Fashion designing.
Being a graduate in psychology helped me a lot to read the female mind sets. There I started using my skills since sitting idle was not my cup of tea!


2. If you were not a designer, you were?
If not a designer aaaaah! I would have been a psychologist, a marriage councellor or may be hit short heighted model like Amna Haq or Babra!

3. Who motivated and inspired you to become a designer?
My confidence in destiny, positive approach and applauds given by my friends and family motivated me I guess. Here I can’t miss to state my husband Syed Ahmad who always quoted “you are wasting your talent”. My daughter / son can’t be ignored specially But my daughter always paved room for me to work & compromised very sensibly to accommodate, without her I was incomplete. But my daughter’s decisions are the one I count on in this field. Her sharp and critique eye and presence in rush times makes it happen actually that was why I named by brand Amna Syed by نور as I see a future for my brand in her 💕.

4. What is your designing philosophy?
My designing philosophy is proportion. Less is more!

5. Are you a feminist? And does your design solely focus on woman as an individual?
No not at all. Am not a feminist! A man woman composition completes the beauty and flavor in life. This composed creation of opposite genders is the real vanity!

6. Do you think Pakistani fashion industry is on the right track and what is its future?
Pakistani industry is on the absolute right track. We definitely need more consultants accompanied by professionals to roll it to the height.


7. Have you ever felt jealous of your competitors in profession?
Not jealous ever yet. In fact every good designer creation with rich content gives me positive energy and opportunity to learn better.


8. What role you think is fashion playing in improving the image and circumstances of Pakistan?
Our fashion industry is promoting the positive image of Pakistan. Besides bringing in foreign currency and balancing economy, it will glitter the advanced approach towards this part of Asia.

9. Any message that you want to give to our youth?
Oh yes! Young lot never compromise on your positive dreams. Seeking expensive overseas education is impossible for everyone. Seek a talent, it never fails. Patience is the key to talent mechanism.


Amna’s couture and pret are exclusively custom made and available by appointment only. To ensure booking please place your order well because pieces are delicately crafted and it may require some time depending on the order size and style. Orders can be shipped internationally as well.



And there we go with the lady behind all the beautiful designs. Yes! Amna Syed




For Appointment:

Call/Whatsapp: 03030016648/ 03008446920

Exclusive Interview of Saimaa Azhar with Junaidsays

Saimaa Azhar is one of the top listed models of Pakistan, who has entered in fashion industry few years ago. She is very cute and innocent, always passionate about her dreams. Saimaa Azhar did number of shoots for famous brands and walked the ramps like BCW and FPW. She was on the cover for many famous magazines.


After making her great name in fashion industry, Saimaa also stepped into the drama industry of Pakistan. Her serial Meray Khwab Lauta Do, opposite multi-talented Aijazz Aslam was her first experience and people loved her a lot on the screen.

Saimaa Azhar is also having a guest appearance in Sahir Lodhi’s upcoming film RAASTA, which is expected to release in next month probably. We are anxiously waiting for its release.

In 2011, Saimaa Azhar was given the title of Miss Photogenic. And in 2013, she had won the Lux Style Awards for the Best Emerging Talent and also got the Most Promising Model of the Year title at the veet contest in the same year. She was also nominated as the Best Model of the Year at Pakistan Media Awards in 2013 but lost to Ayyan Ali.


Saimaa Azhar portray herself in a very beautiful way in fashion industry and in a very short span of time, she earned a lot of fame and respect.

Junaid has an amazing opportunity to interview this multi-talented super model Saimaa for his readers.


  • Who is Saimaa Azhar in real?
    Saimaa Azhar is very realistic and hardworking actress.
  • How did you stepped into modeling?
    I stepped into modeling in 2011 and earned a title of Miss Photogenic.


  • How did you find fashion industry at first?
    Fashion industry is always been now very attractive, very live and very nice. I loved to work in this industry. And I think this industry is meant for me… Laugh
  • How was your experience working with multi-talented Aijazz Aslam?
    Aijazz Aslam was very supportive throughout the drama serial “Mere Khawab Lauta Do” and he taught me acting actually. I am highly obliged that he gave me the main role in that serial. He is the one who gave me break in drama industry. I really enjoyed doing it
  • What do you enjoy more? Acting or modeling, which one is more fun?
    I think modeling makes you more fresh, more catchy. and on the other hand, you can express yourself through acting. On some certain level, modeling gets still but acting is the criterion where you can groom yourself more and more. It keeps on reinventing. I think acting is much better than modeling for a long term.


  • What it was like walking on the ramp for the first time. Do you remember your first walk?
    Of course, I remembered my first walk. How can I forget that? My first walk was when I got the title of Veet Miss Photogenic. I weared Rizwanullah’s outfit for the very first time. It was my first moment for sure. I still remember…. LAUGH…. that I fell down and then keep on walking. I will always remember that.


  • How was your experience as a lead actress for RAASTA?
    It came out in news everywhere that I am the lead actress in RAASTA but it’s not like that. I have an actually a guest appearance in that movie and people will watch me for the very first time in cinemas. And experience was wonderful as cinema is something huge. I really loved it.
  • Tell the readers of junaidsays about you which they probably don’t know.
    I think am very crazy, am very spontaneous and very unpredictable as I can do anything, anytime and anywhere.
  • Any message for the young girls who wants to step into modeling.
    I just want to suggest all those girls who wants to step into modeling that if you are confident, can handle any garment and can pose actually then come towards modeling otherwise I think its not your place.


  • Any message for the readers of junaidsays.

For all the readers of junaidsays, I love yoouuuu and keep loving mee J
Rapid Fire:


  • Your favorite color
    I love black color. Yeah Black is me. Black is above all
  • The song that stuck in your mind now days
    “How deep is your love” is the song stuck in my mind now days.
  • Night owl or morning person
    I am a night owl, absolutely night owl.
  • Coffee or tea
    I love tea
  • Your favorite movie
    Perfume is the movie I really love
  • Your favorite model
    Natalia Vodianova is my favorite model. She is my inspiration. She is beautiful and gorgeous.
  • Your inspiration
    Inspiration throughout my life is my father. Whoever I am today is just because of him.
  • Your craziest fan story
    yeah there is a fan whose name is Alizey. She keeps on messaging me saying that “you are beautiful, I love you, don’t stop modeling, and keep on modeling”. Every time she just keeps me alive. She is very nice. I love her.


Thank you so much Junaid. I love answering all your questions.


So guys, it was all about Saimaa Azhar. Hope you guys liked her interview. And let me tell you, she is really very beautiful. I can’t stop staring at her…. Blush

Fashion Unchained 4 at PC Peshawar

The recent show which I have attended held at PC Peshawar, which turned out to be a huge event in its own. Media sniffers once again set the stage on fire and arranged a very well fashion show named as the Fashion Unchained 4. I had also attended their previous show in Peshawar but this time the response I came to see from the audience was overwhelmed. People from all walks of life attended the show.

See who the designers were and how they showcased their dresses.

Fareeha’s Collection:

Models were looking beautiful wearing Fareeha. But there were few outfits which were old fashioned or we can say that having unsuitable work over them. Few of them were simple and amazing. But not all……



Super Model Mahaa Kanwal Khan and Cybil Chaudry were looking flawless as always. They both know how to carry the outfits and make it presentable. I am a huge fan of them because of the same reason.





Mayr’s Collection:

This collection was also not up to the mark. Just because of not fulfilling the latest demand of the fashion. Few outfits that were showcased on the ramp were marvelous but not all of them.



Here it comes to the showstoppers Mahaa Kanwal Khan and Cybil Chaudry. Both the beauties were looking marvelous. But when it comes to the outfits, those were the best among the Mayr’s Collection at Fashion Unchained 4.


Desire Couture by Mansoor Rajput:

Mansoor Rajput is young fashion designer who loves to play with the pastor colors. And to be honest his collection was the most amazing collection there at Fashion Unchained 4.

His collection comprises of both male and female outfits. And all of them were flawless in all aspects.

Some of the glimpses are as follow.







I am in love with the details of Desire Couture by Mansoor Rajput that super model Mahaa Kanwal showcased.




Mian Muhammad Abbas’s Collection:

His mostly collection was in black. And I was totally in love with his collection. He really deserves appreciation for his creativity.

abbas 1.jpg

Shazia Kiani’s Collection:

Shazia kiani always gives us shock with her collection. Her collection was superb and marvelous. I was totally in love with the details of the outfits. No doubt she is the best designer of Pakistan.









Choreography and Coordination was done by Harry Majid of Harry Events and PR.



Suleman Latif is new and very talented Fashion coordinator in Pakistan’s Fashion Industry.



Production partner of Media Sniffers for Fashion Unchained 4 were Abbi Photography. And he is one of the finest photographers of the industry. I really admire his efforts for his work.